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About the Theme of the Week
Each week on Colson, BreakPoint Radio and, and other channels we publish a great deal of new content around a vital theme. The ReSeries, John Stonestreet's video commentary, is often (but not always) the cornerstone of the weekly theme.

Theme of the Week: A Warrior in the Manger


God rest ye merry gentlemen, let nothing you dismay
Remember Christ our Savior was born on Christmas Day!
To save us all from Satan's power when we were gone astray
O, tidings of comfort and joy! O tidings of comfort and joy!

The familiar words of the carol come quickly to our lips when we see the depictions of baby Jesus in the manger begin to appear around this time of year. He looks so meek and mild lying there, the Prince of Peace greeted by angels' songs and shepherd's rejoicing. Just a child, a little Messiah who causes us to beckon others, saying, "come, let us adore Him!" Beside Mary and Joseph, we watch as He sleeps, love and gratitude toward God filling our hearts as we behold this Gift.

TMW-Screenshot_Advent_2_575But this week at the Colson Center, we want to challenge you to think beyond the manger, and begin to see "the Christmas Jesus" for Who He truly is: the King of Kings who dealt the mightiest blow to Satan's empire up to that moment simply by entering this world. This little baby would grow into a man, who would go on to utterly defeat evil, sin, and even death itself at the cross.

When we think of the Christ Child in this light, not only do we begin to understand the big picture of Jesus' life, but that familiar nativity scene takes on a whole new depth of meaning. As John Stonestreet points out in this week's "Two-Minute Warning," Jesus' arrival on earth and the annual celebration we hold to commemorate it are a scathing indictment of the human condition. Each time we remember Jesus' birth in Bethlehem, we are remembering our own fallenness, our own wickedness, and admitting anew that "we are not okay."

But Christmas offers us an unimaginable hope:

Long lay the world in sin and error pining
Till He appeared, and the soul felt its worth
A thrill of hope, a weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn!

With the arrival of Jesus Christ on earth as God incarnate, everything changed.

"This little baby came to do battle on our behalf," says John, "against the forces of Satan, the world, and our own sin and evil. And this is how the Christian worldview stands in stark, direct contrast with every other view of reality."

History knows no shortage of worldviews and creeds which offer men and women a means of setting themselves right and repairing creation. "We can fix ourselves. We can fix the planet," John says, reciting the hollow promises of human wisdom. "We can bring about utopia with better science, better technology, just getting along, or just loving each other, or getting in touch with our own gods or goddesses within! We can actually perfect human nature."

But the Advent of Christ puts the lie to all of this wishful thinking. We are completely incapable of saving ourselves, and that's why God had to take on human flesh and dwell among us.

As we move further into this Advent season and begin nearing Christmas, we at the Colson Center pray you'll continually call to mind the fullness of the Christian worldview, and how the central event of Jesus' incarnation makes sense of the worst this life has to offer, and guarantees us that God has absolute victory. In fact, He already declared His victory thousands of years ago when He planted His flag in a feeding trough outside of Jerusalem.

A newborn baby cried for the first time, and all of Hell trembled. The Warrior had arrived.

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