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About the Theme of the Week
Each week on Colson, BreakPoint Radio and, and other channels we publish a great deal of new content around a vital theme. The ReSeries, John Stonestreet's video commentary, is often (but not always) the cornerstone of the weekly theme.

Theme of the Week: Have We Forgotten Thanksgiving?


Do we really even know the meaning or the story of Thanksgiving anymore? In the midst of our feasts and festivities, do we even remember the men and women who inspired our annual commemoration (and cute salt shakers), or why Americans above all other people have cause to stop and express gratitude to God for His provision, even in the face of difficult times?
Well, the evidence doesn't look good. Reflecting on the watered-down, politically-correct curriculum most students now learn in history class about the original Thanksgiving at Plymouth, Massachusetts, reminding us how lightly we take the day itself, and anticipating the inevitable rush of chaotic "black Friday" shoppers in a few days, John Stonestreet offers a sobering conclusion: we've got no idea why we still celebrate this day.

Perhaps it's time for a refresher course. And that's exactly what we propose this week at the Colson Center. In our latest "Two-Minute Warning" video, John Stonestreet rehearses the familiar story, but challenges us to recall that, for the original celebrants, this was no party. It was a solemn occasion of worship and rededication to the God who had brought them through an impossible winter, and whom they firmly believed had honored their pilgrimage of conscience.

Their gratitude, says John, sprung from a deep-rooted conviction that neither they nor we are owed anything in this life, but that "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights..." (James 1:17)

In this week's "Talking Points," T. M. Moore elaborates on this point, encouraging those who claim the name fo Christ to live a different kind of life, making thanksgiving a way of speaking and showing our neighbors what we believe.

We hope you'll take to heart our challenge this week, perhaps pick up a copy of one of our Thanksgiving-related resources at the Colson Center store, and remember as you gather with your family and friends in a few days what it means to live and speak the uniquely Christian doctrine that everything, even our time on this earth, as C. S. Lewis said, "comes to us as a pure gift."

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