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Theme of the Week - Chuck's Call to Action

chuck callWhat's next?

While Chuck Colson's work on earth has come to a close, his legacy is as strong as ever. That legacy takes the form not only of books or teaching but of a movement. And as Eric Metaxas, John Stonestreet, T. M. Moore and yes, Chuck Himself proclaim this week at the Colson Center, your part in that movement is critical to the spread of the Gospel and the reclamation of culture for Christ.

For the last two years of his life, Chuck sounded a clear note of admonition to the Church: don't stand idle! Get on your feet and get in the fight! In many ways, the theme of the conference at which Chuck delivered his final speech consummates the message upon which he focused so passionately during his last years: "Break the Spiral of Silence."

As Jim Liske points out on this Thursday's BreakPoint commentry, Chuck Colson was a man who personally experienced the power and meaning of redemption—and who lived much of his life outside of the safe, "spiritual greenhouse" of Christian culture. He experienced the highest and lowest of circumstances, and understood the power of Jesus Christ to transform not just hearts, but minds and lives. It was that understanding which allowed him to launch Prison Fellowship and Justice Fellowship, where he in turn discovered the vital importance of culture and worldview. His last projectsThe Centurions Program, The Manhattan Declaration, Doing the Right Thing, and Breaking the Spiral of Silence—testify to his determination to advance Christian thinking in all areas of life. After all, it was such thinking—by God's grace—which transformed President Nixon's "hatchet man" into one of the most effective and compassionate Christian activists of the last century.

We invite you this week to dig into the Colson Center and take part in the many facets of this movement
—especially in the upcoming mobilization of Breaking the Spiral of Silence, beginning April 28 in homes and churches across the country.

Explore This Week's Theme

What has the Two-Minute Warning meant to you? In the short time since Chuck began this online video commentary, the world has taken notice. In this week's Two-Minute Warning, we let Chuck speak for himself once more in a compilation of the past two years' most significant moments. But expect a call to action. Chuck Colson's life mission is not unique to him. It is a call which the whole Christian Church must heed and put into action. >>Watch now.
TalkingPoints In this week's Talking Points, T. M. Moore reminds viewers that Chuck's ministry was to people who were "crushed under the weight of sin." That ministry, he says, belongs to all of us. >>Read more.
BreakPoint_Liske In Thursday's BreakPoint Commentary, Prison Fellowship CEO Jim Liske invites Christians to remember the roots of both Chuck and the ministries he launched, and to continue this Christian servant's work with the determination he always displayed. >>Read more.