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Much of the Christian worldview movement centers around response to critical issues in our culture. and our sister sites address these issues in many ways. The following sections from the left column of our navigation bar will help to orient you on issues we are addressing.

It's About Religious Freedom.

In the midst of the ongoing debate over the Health and Human Services mandate persuant to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, a.k.a., "Obamacare," many in the media have worked tirelessly to distract attention from the real issue at hand: religious liberty.

The Colson Center team has been in the thick of this conflict since the beginning. Now, along with one of Chuck Colson's other signature projects, The Manhattan Declaration, we're leading a united front of Christians from all traditions as well as members of other religions and even secular Americans who recognize the grave threat to religious liberty we face.birth control

The argument can be summarized in a few sentences: Part of the implementation of the new healthcare law effectively requires that religious organizations other than churches provide insurance policies which cover contraceptives, sterilization and abortifacient drugs. All three of these products violate the consciences and doctrine of many Christian churches. In response to objections and requests for a broad exemption, the Obama Administration has defended its mandate and insisted that religious organizations swallow their convictions and provide unconscionable products and services, via insurance companies, at no charge to their employees.

No one has proposed restricting access to birth control. No one has refused healthcare to women. And yet the distortions abound.

From the media circus following Rush Limbaugh's vulgar comments about Sandra Fluke, to the popular rallying cry that Republicans and even Christians are waging a "war on women," the knee-jerk myths which objectors have raised continue to distort the debate. This kind of behavior is, as Kathryn Jean Lopez wrote in The National Review a few days ago, "miserable, insulting, desperate stuff."

As we await the Supreme Court's ruling in a few weeks on the constitutionality of Obamacare, Christians and all others who recognize the critical importance of our "first freedom" must civilly answer these distortions, and call attention back to the real liberty in danger: the freedom of religion.

To that end, The Christian Post has compiled a list of popular myths about the HHS mandate, and offered strong refutations for each. You can find them here.

As Chuck Colson often said, religious liberty may be the crucial battleground of our time. Become informed. Then become involved. You can start at The Manhattan Declaration.

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Click here to watch Chuck Colson's viral February 8 Two Minute Warning on the HHS mantime_is_nowdate. You will also find another video in which Chuck urges the Church to prepare for possible civil disobedience, and the signing of the Manhattan Declaration, which generated media attention after Chuck, Robbie George and Timothy George affirmed their comittment to disobeying Caesar rather than God, if necessary.

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