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Much of the Christian worldview movement centers around response to critical issues in our culture. and our sister sites address these issues in many ways. The following sections from the left column of our navigation bar will help to orient you on issues we are addressing.

Obama Administration sides against religious liberty

The Obama Administration's Department of Health and Human services has issued an ultimatum to Christian employers who believe in the sanctity of human life: provide insurance plans for employees which cover potentially abortifacient contraceptives, or run afoul of the law. While Roman Catholic and other organizations which conscientiously object to all contraceptives have raised the initial alarm about the Administration's new rules, all Christians need to recognize this for what it is: an immoral and unconstitutional usurpation of religious liberty by the United States federal government. Chuck Colson has warned in the past that a time may come when Christians in this country must exercise civil disobedience for conscience's sake. That day might have come sooner than anyone imagined.

Click here to watch Chuck Colson's video response in a special edition of his Two-Minute Warning, and a wide variety of other resources to help you get informed and active in the fight to protect religious freedom.

150 Congressional Leaders demand repeal of HHS mandate
Michelle Bauman | EWTN News | February 08, 2012

Click here to read and sign a petition to President Obama calling him to reverse his administration's stance and allow a broader religious exemption for his new HHS guidelines.

(From the petition):

Dear President Obama,

I am deeply disappointed at your recent failure to protect religious liberty in the context of the HHS preventive care mandate. As Americans we are used to having political and religious disagreements. But we should all be able to agree that the government should not force religious people and institutions to provide drugs and services that violate their faith.