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What is a Worldview?

Every person in history has asked themself a few basic questions: ‘Who am I?’ ‘Why am I here?’ ‘Is there a God?’ ‘What is the purpose of life?’

Your answers to these questions make up your worldview — your set of beliefs about the nature of reality. But more importantly, because your worldview consists of your answers to the big questions, it determines your behavior in all areas of life — how you worship, how you relate to those around you, the way you study, how you work, how you use your abilities, the way you view sex, whether you gworldview_manet married, how you treat your spouse, the way you train your children, how you vote, the way you treat human life and even the way you deal with death.

What’s the bottom line? Your worldview is not only the most critical component of your thinking — it’s the most critical component of your behavior.

Think of a house. If your life is built on the foundation of bad assumptions, your behavior is going to reflect that. In other words, the structure of the house will fail — either ethically, relationally, or practically. For the house to stand, it has to be built on the right assumptions, or true answers to the big questions of life.

That’s why The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview exists. We provide the answers you need to build a strong foundation. But this is more than just a website or a radio broadcast to provide information. It’s a movement.

Your worldview is not only the most critical component of your thinking--it's the most critical component of your behavior.
In order to rebuild a strong foundation for the thinking and behavior of our world, we need you to join us — we need you to take action. And we’ll show you right here how to do that.


Where Should I Begin?

The first step is to decide where you belong. Who are you? A student, minister, teacher, business person, public official, volunteer or parent? (To see some specific resources for different groups, look here). The Colson Center and its sister sites offer something for everyone, whether you're interested in quick, pithy analysis of the current news from a Christian perspective, or in-depth study on what it means to build a life and society on the foundation of faith. Below we've listed some of our most popular features across all of our Colson Center sites. Start by choosing the group which best describes you, then begin exploring.

Co-hosted by Eric Metaxas and John Stonestreet, BreakPoint Radio  airs on over 1,400 stations with an estimated weekly audience of 8 million people. You can find your local station here, or listen to the latest commentary online here. This is our most popular feature, and is a favorite among students, teachers and parents.

This popular, long-running blog on practical Christian thinking and living has built a following of lively authors and commenters who shine the light of scrutiny on some of the biggest--and not so big--issues of our day. The BreakPoint Blog is a favorite among parents, teachers and students.

Two-Minute Warning, a weekly video featuring John Stonestreet, provides commentary on some of the toughest issues of our day. Along with the commentary which airs on Thursday, we provide you with additional thought-provoking resources. This feature is most useful for students, teachers and parents.

Our new online journal of daily updates from the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, this resource provides a powerful collection of materials designed for the Christian thinker. It probes the deeper currents of Christian worldview from scriptural and philosophical viewpoints, equipping ministers, college students, teachers and professors as well as public officials for battle in the culture.

The Point with John Stonestreet is a daily, one-minute radio broadcast which airs nationwide. Hosted by popular worldview commentator John Stonestreet, this broadcast seeks to draw attention to the intersections in life: the intersections between faith and life, truth and decision, Christ and culture. This website is most useful for students, teachers and parents.

This is our online library with over 20,000 scholarly abstracts of articles and media on Christian worldview. Items are searchable and tagged, which puts you in command of one of the most thorough collections of Christian worldview material on the web. This resource is designed for pastors, public officials, students, teachers and anyone else interested in digging deeper., the site that started it all, carries the BreakPoint daily radio broadcast, as well as transcripts, feature articles, columns, blogs, podcasts and much more. All of these cater to a broad spectrum of interests and demographics. This website is useful for a wide variety of participants, including students, teachers, businesspeople, ministers, volunteers, public officials and parents.

Our website designed especially for pastors and church leaders, the Worldview Church provides an opportunity to get the message, then get involved in the conversation through discussion forums and other media. This resource is designed specifically for ministers, but also offers much to students and teachers.

ViewPoint is a daily Bible study and podcast by T. M. Moore, prolific Christian writer and dean of the Centurions program. As a more in-depth resource, this feature offers the most to ministers, businesspeople, teachers and public officials.

One of the most popular offerings on, these regular articles by an array of Christian writers and thinkers deal with worldview, youth issues, entertainment, family life, politics and more. BreakPoint feature articles equip readers from all walks of life, including students, teachers, businesspeople, ministers, volunteers, public officials and parents.

Doing The Right Thing, a movement centered on a six-part series about ethics, features Chuck Colson, Brit Hume, Robert George of Princeton, and other top thinkers. In the video series, panelists ask tough questions about right and wrong in order to open hearts and minds to re-embracing a coherent, societal ethic. This series and the accompanying blog, speaking tour, podcasts and simulcast are aimed directly at businesspeople, students, teachers and public officials, but bring all other groups into this critical conversation.

The Centurions Program is an intensive training and discipleship network at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. This is the real deal--a high-commitment, transformational experience designed to equip Christians from all backgrounds who can transform the world with the power of a well-informed biblical view of life, and claim every square inch of reality for Christ. Former Centurions include students, teachers, businesspeople, ministers, public officials and parents.

What Can I Do?

Twenty years ago, Chuck Colson got a vision for reclaiming the life of our society by rebuilding a Christian worldview. We want you to become a part of that unfolding vision.construction_kid

On the Colson Center family of sites, you will find some of the most cutting-edge, in-depth material available on worldview—whether it comes to the Christian perspective on the latest news and events or timeless subjects relevant to the Christian life through the ages. But this is more than just a source of information. It’s a movement. We want your participation, your input and your effort in specific ways as we not only proclaim Christ to our culture, but reclaim our culture for Christ.

Get informed.

At the Colson Center for Christian Worldview and its sister sites, you will find a powerful arsenal of resources designed to build your thinking upon the right foundation. BreakPoint and The Point focus on thinking biblically in daily life by offering radio/podcast commentaries on the latest news and events, feature articles, columns, and book and movie reviews from top Christian thinkers, as well as breaking news pertinent to the Christian life. You will also find ways to plug into the movement through intense worldview training in the Centurions Program, as well as a cornucopia of tools for pastors at the Worldview Church, and a new ethics phenomenon, Doing the Right Thing. On this site, you can access the Colson Library, a searchable catalog of thousands of articles on every topic relating to the Christian worldview. You will also find the Christian Worldview Journal, which offers fresh thinking on in-depth topics through columns, features and regular newsletters, in addition to courses, curriculum, and our popular audio and video resources, like Two Minute Warning.

Get involved.

...we’re asking you not just to think according to the foundation we help you lay, but to act according to it.

Because the Colson Center for Christian Worldview is about much more than information, we’re asking you not just to think according to the foundation we help you lay, but to act according to it. We want you to build your whole life upon the assumptions of a Christian worldview, and help others to do the same. That’s why we've made involvement such a cornerstone of this movement. Our vision is to see a self-aggregating Christian worldview community which influences and equips churches, families, schools and even government. Here are a few ways you can start. For many more, visit our rapidly-expanding Get Involved Page.

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