Get Involved

Taking the challenge and deciding to live the Christian worldview.

The Christian worldview movement is a term applied to a growing number Christians who are growing in their ability to meet the daily realities of following Christ in their own spheres of influence.

This page will help you get involved. For most of us, following Jesus requires a dramatic change in how we think and what we do; essentially, it is a re-commitment to true discipleship.

Why the need for change? Little by little, Christians have started accepting a worldview that is dramatically different from the one Jesus taught.  While change is sometimes scary and hard, through God’s help, we can change by “The renewing of the mind,” as the apostle Paul calls it (Romans 12:2).

Thankfully, while the process of change is hard, we don’t have to do it all alone.  There is a community of believers in churches or organizations that are also working toward the reformation of culture.

Listed below are things you can do on your own, with your family, or in a small group.

Here are some ways you can join with others in groups, events, or study.

The list on this page is brief, and just comprises the most popular things we suggest. We are continually adding items to Things You Can Do which include churches and other ministries around the world. The entire list can be seen and searched here: