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"Yale is apparently taking a measured approach to challenges from people laboring under what Halloway calls the 'arrogance of your contemporary moment,' and is trying to slow down that locomotive of self-congratulatory outrage. He wants, if you can imagine such a thing in an institute of higher learning, for complainants to thoughtfully and dispassionately contextualize history, rather than just reflexively scratching whatever the current mob considers itchiest."

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From The Economist

"Although parents who disapprove of their children’s partners may be quick to warn that half of all marriages end in divorce, that statistic no longer holds true. According to the National Centre for Family and Marriage Research (NCFMR), a think-tank, the divorce rate in America has fallen by 25% from 1980, reaching a 40-year low. In 2015 there were 16.9 divorces per 1,000 married women, down from 22.6 in 1980. This dip is in part because of America’s ageing population. Older couples are far less likely to divorce than younger ones. Another factor is that far fewer Americans are getting married in the first place, partly because not being married carries less stigma than before, says Susan Brown of the NCFMR. But divorce is still common—more than 800,000 marriages were annulled in 2014—and it is often costly and protracted. A survey by Nolo, a legal publisher, suggests the average American couple spends $15,000 and 10.7 months untying the knot."

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From The Washington Post

"This mistrial occurred more than a year after Slager, a white officer, was charged with murder and fired after graphic video emerged showing him shooting Scott, a black motorist, as the 50-year-old was running away after a traffic stop."

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From Brain Pickings

"Just as true generosity lies in mastering the osmosis of giving and receiving, true equality, Lewis argues, requires the parallel desires to be honored and to honor."

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From ChurchPOP

"These songs need no explanation, as they are about the first coming or the second coming of Christ. And I can guarantee that they will do more to spiritually prepare you for Christmas than the secular ones about shopping."

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From National Review Online

"The abortion lobby is apoplectic, which is what it always is, which must get exhausting. NARAL Pro-Choice Texas protests that the move is a 'transparent' attempt to burden abortionists. 'The rules target physicians that provide abortions and the hospitals that care for patients,' says Blake Rocap, the lawyer for the group. 'Transparent' is a funny choice of word: NARAL is an organization that refuses even to say its own name -- it is formerly the National Abortion Rights Action League -- or to acknowledge what sort of 'choice' it is advocating.

"Yes, the Texas rule is transparent: It is a transparent attempt to force Texans to face reality."

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"In 1969, Castro cancelled Christmas altogether, so that celebrations wouldn’t get in the way of the sugar harvest. Cuba was officially an atheist nation and the Christmas ban lasted until December of 1997. In anticipation of a visit by Pope John Paul II that was planned for January of 1998, Castro declared that, for that year only, Christmas would be a national holiday. The change, however, stuck."

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From Religion News Service/USA Today

"'We were like, "This is unreal, this is unbelievable,"' McCord said. 'When we had both fully read it, we looked at each other -- and I will never forget this moment -- we both burst into tears. I was ghost white, and we just prayed. There was nothing else to do. Still to this moment, almost four hours after the fact, I don’t have words for it.'"

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From The Washington Post

"My heart sank; that thoughtful, engaged student I had met on the first day of classes had snapped. He had tried to kill people."

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From CT Women

"Exiled Cubans all over the United States and the world have been waiting years for the death of Castro. His death, we believed, would bring the dawn of a new era. We could go back home, even if only for a pilgrimage. Like the Jewish people at Passover, reciting 'Next year in Jerusalem' and pining for a return to the Promised Land, we set our hopes on Castro’s death: 'Next year in Havana.'

"Now, Castro is dead, and I’m left behind to make sense of his legacy. His regime has committed horrible human rights atrocities, so I am justified in feeling an intermingling of hatred and bitterness, grief, relief, and joy. As a Christian, however, Jesus calls me to pray for my enemies and bless those who curse me and my people. So what now?"

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"Liberty University, the private Christian school presided over by president Jerry Falwell Jr., just announced that they are hiring the former Baylor Athletic Director who resigned from his job following an alleged group sexual assault by members of the football team. Baylor has previously said that Ian McCaw (and football coach Art Briles, who was fired following an investigation), knew that a student was sexually assaulted, and did not report it."

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From For Her

"Many college students don’t wantto participate in a social scene that emphasizes casual sex, but they don’t know how to build a happy and fulfilling social life outside of that social scene—and that’s exactly where loving parents can offer advice.

"So we asked Michigan State University professor Stephanie Amada, author of Hooking Up: A Sexy Encounter with Choice: Leave the Walk of Shame Behind, on how to discuss hookup culture with your high school senior. Here are five tips for helping your kid navigate the campus social scene with honor and integrity."

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