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From The Telegraph

"The World Health Organisation sets global health standards and its ruling is likely to place pressure on the NHS to change its policy on who can access IVF treatment.

"Legal experts said the new definition, which will be sent out to every health minister next year, may force a law change, allowing the introduction of commercial surrogacy."

Read more: Henry Bodkin, The Telegraph
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From The Guardian

"My colleague at another university showed a picture of an emaciated Hungarian Jewish woman liberated from a death camp. A student yelled out, 'stop showing this, I did not come here to be traumatised', disrupting his lecture on the Hungarian Holocaust. After the student complained of distress, caused by the disturbing image, my colleague was told by an administrator to be more careful when discussing such a sensitive subject. “How can I teach the Holocaust without unsettling my students?” asked my friend. Academics who now feel they have to mind their words are increasingly posing such questions."

Read more: Frank Furedi, The Guardian
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From Aleteia

"There is more human carnage in the first five minutes of Hacksaw Ridge than in the entirety of most any other movie you will see this year. The film’s opening sequence is a bloody ballet of bullets and flame, all played out in slow motion so that not a single spurt of blood or fleck of charred flesh is passed over by the camera. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is safe to say that Mel Gibson has in no way mellowed during his 10-year-long self-inflicted sabbatical from the director’s chair. And apparently, if the standing ovation given by the hundreds of evangelicals in attendance at the special screening I was at are any indication, there are a lot of Christians out there who will be glad he didn’t."

Read more: David Ives, Aleteia
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From Christ & Pop Culture

"Linus wants more from holidays; he wants holy days. And while his vision of the Great Pumpkin is akin to Saint Nick, the emphasis on sincerity and avoiding hypocrisy is telling. For Linus, it’s not about being good but about being true. It’s not so much a pitting of one holiday against another (those 'denominational differences') but of restoring the holiness to our days, especially our holy days."

Read more: Erin Wyble Newcomb, Christ & Pop Culture
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From Care Net

"The high percentage of victims who crossed paths with Planned Parenthood and other clinics caused the researchers to call for training protocols to ensure that trafficked women are not simply given contraception or abortion and sent right back to their pimp."

Read more: Arlee Coolidge, Abundant Life Blog, Care Net
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From Christianity Today


"B&C co-chair Mark Noll helped start the publication in 1994, the same year his book The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind was released.

"'I’m quite depressed about the state of the world as is reflected in its closing,'” said Noll, a history professor at Notre Dame University, who believes the magazine thrived because of [John] Wilson’s vision and expertise."

Read more: Christianity Today

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From Think Christian

". . . All Christians are sinners in the same way that all pumpkins are squash."

Read more: Johnathan Kana, Think Christian
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From The Resurgent

"I’m not sure what we as individuals can do to help the women in Nigeria other than pray, but each one of us can help put a stop to sex trafficking generally by reducing market demand -- by not watching pornography." [Emphasis in original.] 

Read more: Dustin Siggins, The Resurgent
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From The Exchange

"Two years ago, a white pastor friend, Jeff Warren, and I asked ourselves this question not long after the events in Ferguson: 'What will happen when Ferguson comes to Dallas?'"

Read more: Bryan Carter, The Exchange, Christianity Today
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From Live Action News

"Richards’ answer for women in crisis is violence and death, even if these women are already victims of sexual violence. And there is nothing feminist about that."

Read more: Cassy Fiano, Live Action News
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From Religion News Service

"Boko Haram has freed 21 of more than 200 girls kidnapped by the Islamist militant group in April 2014 in the northern Nigerian town of Chibok, the government said on Thursday (Oct. 13)."

Read more: Alexis Akwagyiram and Felix Onuah, Religion News Service
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"In 1977, four years after Roe v. Wade and one year before his death, Humphrey recalled, 'It was once said that the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; and those who are in the shadows of life—the sick, the needy and the handicapped.' But the cry among advocates of abortion and euthanasia now is: Death to the youngest and the oldest."

Read more: Marvin Olasky, WORLD
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