Colson Center and sister sites curricula:

  • Centurions Program
    The Centurions Program prepares you to navigate today’s culture with a Christian perspective. Join an ongoing and growing network of Christ-followers to develop your inner faith in a way that results in outward action. Gain confidence, understanding and knowledge as you apply biblical truth to every aspect of your life. >>Read More
  • Doing The Right Thing 6-part video series
    Not a day passes without another shocking news story that makes us wonder what kind of culture the next generation will inherit. The sheer greed involved in the sub-prime banking crisis and Bernie Madoff's theft of billions of investor dollars are just two examples in our own country. How did we get here? >>Read More
  • Wide Angle
    Christian leaders Chuck Colson and Rick Warren have joined together to produce a stimulating study called Wide Angle: Framing Your Worldview. >>Read More
  • Re-Wired
    This may sound like something you heard over and over again growing up and you promised never to repeat it as an adult...but it’s true! Our thoughts determine our actions, so we’d better be thinking. As Christians, we are called to love God with our whole being...the mind included. >>Read More